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Privacy Statement

We only collect your email for registration, activation and tech support purposes.
We will only use it to communicate with you about your computer, and will not share it with with any other entities.


* RadarSync PC Updater and Driver Backup do not automatically identify or collect personal information about you or your computer. When RadarSync PC Updater and Driver Backup scan your computer, they identify the components and software installed on or attached to your computer. The scan identifies these components by vendor component hardware ID. Vendor component hardware IDs are generic and are not individualized per computer (every component of the same type has the same ID). RadarSync sends these generic hardware IDs and installed software information to the RadarSync server in order to find and retrieve the right driver updates for your computer.

* RadarSync guarantees that the only information about your PC that is sent to RadarSync's server is that which is necessary for the server to send you update recommendations.

* RadarSync does request that you provide your email address, name, address, and other identifying information when you register for a subscription to our software, our driver alert emails, or our tech support. We do not share this information with third parties.

* RadarSync software may send you Content from time to time. Content may include: information and news updates that you request; offers, updates and promotions related to the components installed on/attached to your computer; registration reminders, etc. The Content you receive will be sent to you from RadarSync server.

* RadarSync's website (http://www.radarsync.com) may collect information about visitors to our website by using cookies and pixel tracking tags. The information collected includes IP addresses, countries of origin, browsers, operating systems, the number, duration, and path of site visits, referring URLs and many other key details. These collected visitor demographics are compiled and analyzed automatically. This visitor information is available only to RadarSync and only as collectively analyzed data, not data on individual users. Further, RadarSync does not sell, rent, lease or otherwise release visitor information to third parties.

* Some of the software on this site utilize InstallMonetizer.com’s software recommendation platform. This valuable service helps us earn money which in turns helps us pay for resources such as server costs, product research, development, marketing, etc. Our goal is to develop amazing software for you our users at low cost. More information on InstallMonetizer