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Customer Testimonials

RadarSync's PC Updater makes your life easier by keeping your hardware devices, software and PC updated and running at its best. Here's what some of our customers and reviewers say about RadarSync:

"I installed all the free updater apps, and a few trial updater apps. RadarSync was able to find the most drivers quickly compared to the others I've tried. I've been building systems for 20 years, and I like to always have the latest drivers. Because I build my own systems I can spend hours looking for the best drivers. No longer with this app. You can also backup the drivers to a network drive for later if you need to rebuild the system or if your RadarSync expires. When I bought it the price was $15, I just looked and it is now going for $25. Still a good deal." -- Russell Morgan, "ComputerGeek"

"This product had all of the drivers, downloaded them for me...Installation was a snap!" -- Kat, SF

"Very userful and powerul program. It solved my problems with drivers and my PC works really faster now! Plus I saved on purchase because I found a 20% coupon" -- Mike E Laressi

"Proved to be a real asset when "side grading" from a failing XP installation to Win 7" -- "rrmram" Download.com

"I think RadarSync just extended my windows 7 laptop in extra 1+ year :-)" Annie

"HI, I just wanted to let you know that I have bought several programs like yours in the past, but yours is the BEST by far. Thanks" -- Robert Garcia

"Your software has solved a significant problem for me. Its has proven its value already. Thank you." -- Henk Scheerooren. Netherlands

"Normally I don't write companies with my opinions because I dont find very many unique apps.... But you guys have a small, lightweight application, that installs and downloads in seconds, and it's clean. Bravo to you guys for this. I really appreciate it. There's no need to reply or write back, and you can use whatever you want from this in testimonials if you'd like, but I'm thoroughly impressed with the program, what it does, and its small size. thank you." -- Chris

"It's a lot of fun! I love the idea and certain aspects of the execution, such as that I have all my programs in one place and they are continually updated. I don't have to spend 4 hours downloading programs the next time I reinstall my system (which I do frequently for myself and others)." -- Daniel Reilly, New York, NY

"Thank you for making your fine software available. It really works great for updating my drivers, something i would take days to do myself. The best part is ITS FREE. I don't know how you do it and I won't ask... But I can certainly drop you a note and and express my gratitude! Thank you very much!!! Peace! phil-seattle usa"

"Here's something every windows user will appreciate...."    -- Chris Pirillo (of LockerGnome.com fame)

"Hunting for drivers was so frustrating that for years I simply never bothered. I am so impressed with your product that in all seriousness I am considering your paid option. I cannot thank you enough or recommend you more highly"    -- Yours Sincerely, Philip A. Wallis, Kingscote South Australia

"I just wanted to take the time to thank each and every person that worked on this wonderful program. It helped me so much! My laptop was running so slow before I got RadarSync and now the wireless internet actually works and it runs so much faster! Thank you all so much!"    -- Cody L.

"I hope this goes into the "testimonials." I PAID for Driver genius 29.95 out of 27 out of date drivers it installed 5... RadarSync found 22 out of date drivers and D/l and installed ALL of them but one... i hunted for hours and could not find them anywhere on the Intel site... I WILL be recommending this utility in ALL the forums I go to YOU GO RS THANKS!!!!"    -- Rusty Bollinger

"Most of us out here do not have the time nor the knowledge to check and find the proper drivers or software updates/upgrades for our computers. Your software takes care of that. I do not know of any other software that does it with the accuracy yours does..."    -- Eugene Pinero

"I just wanted to thank you for saving me the head-aches of trying to figure what all i needed to upgrade on some of my files and i will be passing your web site on to others for thier experience of saving them head-aches! you all are a life saver."    -- William Shaffer, Atlanta, GA, USA

"...Not only did it find the driver I knew was out of date, but it found a new update for my printer driver that I did not know was out yet. With a small install package of under 2 MB's, I wasn't sure what I was going to receive, but I must say that it did surpass what I expected..."   -- Review, NerdHelp.com

Hi, Worked great, seems it was just serial key probs.Good bit of software this - thanks

Regards,   Coleman

"Excellent little program, guys. My Acer Travelmate 800 kept crashing due to the ATI driver and I never could find which new driver I needed until now. I hope it makes you all rich! (I'll be telling people about it.) " -- Brett P., Windsor (writing from Al Hillah, Iraq)

"This software is a good idea and works well. My Dell computer is less than six months old, but I got two updates the first time I ran it. I'll definitely run RadarSync every month or so to make sure I'm not missing any major fixes. I looked at the scan it made of my PC and I saw that it covers lots of territory that Windows update doesn't do anything about, which I liked."  --User Review (Susan), Simtel.net Run 'RadarSync 2' tonight, two driver updates for my Epson printers (two different printers) detected.

Downloaded and installed these without any problems.
I am impressed so far.   --Ted, from Karl's Forum

"Yesterday, I tried to attach my cannon ink-jet printer to my new Gateway laptop, but Windows couldn't find the driver I needed in its database (it gave me that "?" icon).  I remembered that I'd downloaded RadarSync a while back, so I decided to run it and see what would happen. RadarSync found the driver right away, installed it for me, and I'm printing away. Thanks, RadarSync!"  --S. Gregory, St. Louis, MO, USA

"Not bad. I got one new driver for my sound card, and one for my HP printer. Not bad at all, as my computer visibility is better now, thanks to the new VGA card driver version. Thanks, RadarSync! --User Review (Jay), Simtel.net

"I tested RS2 on my machine. It seems to run well and updated my VGA driver completely. Good job!"  -- Leo Kuo, Taiwan (an engineer at a top Taiwan semicon company).

"Hello, thank you - I got graphic card updates. At first I was afraid to update/install the new update but then I said what the hell. Now, I can see 3D on my games and it looks good!"  -- Rebecca, NJ

"My RS2 just found two new drivers and installed them for me this a.m. -- very nice. I was actually surprised to get the updates, because my Dell computer is very new. I guess that by the time I bought it things were out of date and they must have fixed them by now.";   -- Seth Reibman, Rockville, MD